About Tracey

Tracey is a professional actress, model, host, and creative artist who was born in Covington, Kentucky.  At an early age Tracey knew she wanted to be a performer but certain events held her back from pursuing her passion.  It wasn’t until in 2014 that she realized she could no longer deny the desire to go after her dream.  Although she hasn’t been in the industry long, she has proven that her talent is shown in her performance as well as her progression professionally.

Tracey started her career performing in three UNCSA student film productions. Two of those productions she held the principal role: Danny Freud won Best Student Film (2016) at Beaufort International Film Festival.  All They Knew won the Remi (2016) at the Houston International Film Festival.  She has been trained/coached by Beth Becka of Insight School of Acting, located in Atlanta Georgia, being classically trained in the Mesiner Method.  She realizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and has been training with personal trainer Jason Bruch.   She has completed the first stage of training with firearms consultant from NH FIREARMS LLC for her weapons training and tactical maneuevers, and a Sifu who is trained in Wing Chun.  Tracey boasts an exuberant vibrant personality, with a strong humble passion for her field, her work extends both in front of the camera, as well behind.  She has earned her eligibility to become a Screen Actors Guild  member but she wants to wait for her training to be at a comfortable level so she has the ability to perform any task that is asked of her.

Tracey most recent feature films are:

UFO directed by Ryan Eslinger as FBI Agent for “Franklin Ahls” played by David Strathairn.  You can see the trailer here.

A Nun’s Curse another amazing upcoming horror film by the brilliant minds over at Horse Creek Productions directed by Tommy Faircloth.  Produced by Robert Zobel and happy to announce that she is getting her first ever Producer credit.  Congratulations and keep an eye out and #getinthehabit Coming 2019

Family Possessions (picked up by Sony Pictures and HighOctane Pictures) -written and directed by Tommy Faircloth- as the nosey neighbor.

Tiger (starring Mickey Rourke) – directed by Alister Grierson–  as Commissioner Weathersby.

What Matters  (featuring Deon Richmond) – as Cheryl Smith.  Tracey has won her first award for her performance in What Matters – The Rising Star Award Best Actress.


Northern Kentucky University

Insight School of Acting

Meisner Method, Beth Becka


5ft 4in, 114 lbs, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Athletic Physique


Aerobics, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Rollerblading, Roller-skating, Running, ATV, Horseback Riding, Weapons and Tactical Training, Handgun, Rifle, Large Caliber Weapons, Clay Shooting, Swimming, Diving, Yoga, Jewelry Designer, Home Décor, Pottery (Wheel Thrown & Hand Built)

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