Tiger (2018) A practicing Sikh is banned by the boxing commission for refusing to back down from his religious beliefs. Through racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong American would do, fight back.

UFO (2018) A college student, who sees a UFO, uses his exceptional math skills to investigate the sighting with his friends while the FBI follows closely behind.

What Matters (2018) – Tensions rise as a young man faces complicated issues centered around a racially charged rally. Violence and political injustices threaten the balance of his world; however, with the help of a mentor, he must navigate his way to college and learn a deeper lesson.

Family Possessions (2016) After moving into the home of a deceased relative, a family discovers they may have inherited more than just the house. This paranormal thriller is brought to you by writer/director Tommy Faircloth of Horse Creek Productions. Starring Jason Vail (Gut, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Mark Patton (Nightmare on Elm Street 2), and Leah Wiseman (Dollface).

The Farmhand – Short – “The Farmhand” takes place in South Carolina in the year 1927. During the height of the Prohibition Era, there is a bootlegging kingpin that has a job to be done. Mercenary Grayson Livingston is hired to execute Sheriff Henry Lloyd, a county sheriff who makes alcohol shipments moving through his county difficult. In his attempt, Grayson made a grave mistake in judgment. Now an outlaw and in hiding from his former employer, Grayson finds shelter on a farm where he is discovered by the owner, Everett James (“EJ”) Sawyer. The farm operates a distillery where farmhands are needed, and Grayson is hired to assist. Sheriff Lloyd is in pursuit of Grayson, and won’t stop until he finds him. As Sheriff Lloyd moves closer to discovering Grayson’s whereabouts, no one is safe. -Directed by Shari and Michelle Elise Harding.  Watch the trailer here.

Broadside – Short – a southern gothic tragedy from Ghost Animal Productions, Director Brittany Brock.